About Us

Here at Baygirl Beauty we strive to put out consistent, luxurious, and reputable lash supplies to other lash artists and clients.

Our Founder, Marisa Rodriguez, has put in the hours testing every single product that is on this website. She is a Licensed Lash Artist at Baygirl Beauty Bar in the North Bay. Being a lash artist herself was a big part in starting Baygirl Beauty.

There was a lot of trial and error, money lost, product waste, and inconsistencies occur that almost made it seem impossible. We kept pushing through because we knew the perfect products were out there just waiting to be discovered. Slowly but surely they all were found and now are currently on our website. 

All of our products are not only high quality but affordable. Baygirl beauty is not just for lash artist it’s for lash clients as well. We provide premium aftercare kits that will make washing the lashes fun, convenient, and easy. 

What sets us aside is we are always looking for better products than the ones we already have. We also don’t order in high bulk quantities because that is were inconsistency starts coming into play. 

Each purchase is greatly appreciated and we hope to continue to grow!