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Solitare Lash Adhesive

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Our Solitare lash adhesive has very low fume, and is waterproof/oilproof.
Dry time is 1-3 seconds. It is black in color, and works well with our primer and bonder. Recommended to beginner and experienced artists. 
When used correctly retention is 6-7 weeks. 

Best Temperature: 68-77 degrees F
Best Humidity: 40-75%; more moisture faster dry time.
Store in a dry, cool, airtight container.

DO NOT apply on the skin.

DO NOT store in the fridge, store in room temp.

Please note: Retention is not solely based on the products used. Other factors need to be taken into consideration such as temperature/humidity, proper lash placement, and aftercare. Maximum results cannot be guarantee from products due to the factors that were stated out of Baygirl Beauty's control.

Net Wt. 5ml