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Icey Lash Adhesive

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Our Icey lash adhesive has very low fume, and is waterproof/oil proof. 
Dry time is 0.5-1 second.

It is fast drying almost instant. Recommended to experienced artists. When used correctly retention can be over 70 days.

It is clear in color, and works well paired with our primer Lavation and bonder Soul Tie.

Temperature: 68-77 degrees F
Best Humidity: 40-75%; more moisture faster dry time.
Store in a dry, cool, airtight container. 

DO NOT place adhesive in fridge, store in room temp.

DO NOT apply on skin. 

Please note: Retention is not solely based on the products used. Other factors need to be taken into consideration such as temperature/humidity, proper lash placement, and aftercare. Maximum results cannot be guarantee from products due to the factors that were stated out of Baygirl Beauty's control.

Net Wt. 5ml