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Soul Tie Bonder

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Our Bonder Soul Tie will be the cherry on top. Your client's lashes will not be going anywhere!

Soul Tie will solidify the adhesive, completely maximizing retention and taking away any irritation left over from any adhesive fumes. It is to be used lightly, a little goes a long way.

DO NOT use a nanomister or nebulizer with this product.
DO NOT apply on the skin.
DO NOT overuse it will close fans.

How to Use: Wait about 2 minutes after completing a set. Use 2 microbrushes with a tiny amount of bonder on each one to the base of where lash extensions were applied. Fan dry for 3 minutes before having client opens eyes. Do not brush until after 3 minutes.

Please note: Retention is not solely based on just the products used. Other factors need to be taken into consideration such as temperature/humidity, proper lash placement, and aftercare. Maximum results cannot be guarantee from products due to the factors that were stated out of Baygirl Beauty's control.

Net Wt. 15ml